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What Your Favorite Essential Oil Says About You

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What your favorite essential oil says about you
for entertainment purposes only ;)

LAVENDER: You are a kind, gentle soul, avoiding confrontation at all costs. You enjoy the slow-life and prefer quality over quantity. Your friends would describe you as being a shoulder to cry on, a pillar of strength. You love the innocence of children, and you have a 'magical' talent of soothing a crying baby. Sometimes it is easy for you to put others before yourself, but it is important to learn to balance being there for others while not neglecting yourself. If you have a lavender in your life, cherish them forever and make sure they know how adored they are.

Your Favorite Necklace: Sarah Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Amethyst Lava Aroma Bracelet

PEPPERMINT: You are a natural healer of things. You find that friends, family, and coworkers run to you when they need a pick-me-up, sound advice, or someone to stand up and fight for them. A lover by nature, you have no problem putting your foot down and standing up for what you believe in. If you have a peppermint in your life - do your best to make sure they feel appreciated and give them their space when they feel overwhelmed.

Your Favorite Necklace: Layered Leaf Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Chrysophase Lava Aroma Bracelet

LEMON: You appreciate a home full of love and good energy. For you, nothing makes you happier than a clean home with a good meal on the table to entertain your loved ones. You bring a zest to life that others gravitate towards. Don't try to overdo it, you can't make everyone happy (although we know you want to!) If you have a lemon in your life, try to help this natural-born host with cleaning up after a get-together.

Your Favorite Necklace: Zoey Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Black Onyx Statement

YLANG YLANG: You are a beautiful person - Inside and out. You believe that looking good and feeling good is the key to success. Your friends always want you to help them get dolled up before a date night, and you find great joy in helping. Though you appreciate the finer things in life, you never let stress overwhelm you. You always have a level head and believe that being happy is the most important thing. If you have a ylang-ylang with a birthday coming up - a trip to the spa is the perfect option!

Your Favorite Necklace: Charlotte Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Blossom Toggle Aroma Bracelet
ORANGE: You are such an uplifting person! Always seeing the glass not just half full but completely full! Your friends, family, coworkers (and sometimes even acquaintances) come to you when they are feeling uninspired or unmotivated. There's something about your spirit that has the ability to make everyone feel like they can take on the world. You bring flavor to life, and help people make wise decisions in their love life. If you have an orange in your life - don't forget to ask them how they are doing every once in a while, too! 

Your Favorite Necklace: Gold Posh CZ Circle Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Sea Sediment Blue Jasper Lava Aroma Bracelet
SANDALWOOD: You enjoy the great outdoors. Your perfect day is sitting outside on a porch swing, sipping coffee while overlooking the trees. You believe that fresh air cures everything from depression/anxiety, to even physical ailments. When a friend is feeling overwhelmed and needs a get-away, the know they can count on you. You're a listener, and you never give unsolicited advice. While others may feel uncomfortable in silence, it's where you feel alive, so you urge others to join you in the silent haven of nature. If you have a sandalwood in your life, love them greatly and realize that even if they aren't saying anything, they are truly content.

Your Favorite Necklace: Samantha Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Sardonyx Lava Aroma Bracelet

FRANKINCENSE: You are an absolutely stunning person inside and out. People often ask you how you never seem to "age", and the answer is less-stress and more smiles. You are known to support your friends through thick and thin, even if you don't always completely agree with their choices. But, if a friend is headed down a seriously self destructive path you are the first to step in and voice your opinion with kindness and grace. People feel safe with you, knowing you'll never disclose any of their secrets. If you have a frankincense in your life do not take them for granted, they are a jewel to be cherished.

Your Favorite Necklace: Rebecca Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Amazonite Lava Aroma Bracelet

CHAMOMILE: You are a gentle tender-hearted soul. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Naturally sensitive, your feelings get hurt easily, but you sometimes hold it in because you want to face the world with strength. You shouldn't fight your sensitive soul, and you must learn to accept that it is okay to cry. In a sometimes cold, hard world, we could use more people like you. Your friends turn to you when they need to talk without fear of judgment. You have a mystical ability to be very apathetic, because chances are, you've probably faced the same situation. You are the person others turn to when they just want to be weak, when they just want to cry.
If you have a chamomile in your life, try reassuring them of their worth, and if they want to cry - let them without teasing them for their sensitive soul.

Your Favorite Necklace: I Love You Aroma Necklace
Your Favorite Bracelet: Pink Pearl Lava Aroma Bracelet

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