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Essential Oil Whipped Cream

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How about some....
Cardamom Whipped Cream atop ginger bread
Black-Currant Whipped Cream atop apple cobbler
Mandarin Whipped Cream atop angel-food cake 
I spent the better part of last night "whipping up" some Holiday desserts. Hours upon hours of experimenting with flavors with the terrifying thought in the back of my mind, "IF I DON'T MAKE THIS PERFECT, MY FAMILY WILL THINK I'M A FAILURE AND I'LL NEVER GET MARRIED!" 
Okay, maybe not true. But, if there was an award for most "irrational" thinker, I think sometimes, I'd win. 
If you read my last blog, you already know I have a weakness for all things Holiday Sweetness. And there is one thing that I put on just about every Holiday dessert- and that's whipped cream. My mission lately has been to perfect the rich, moist flavor of a german chocolate pie. I've just about got it, but I keep wondering what's missing. Helllllloooooo WHIPPED CREAM. Now, sure... I could go to the store and buy an overpriced tub of something that claims to be whipped cream - when in reality it's a giant list of items I can't pronounce. Or, I could make it myself - With 5 minutes of my time, and three simple ingredients - Heavy whipping cream, sugar, and you guessed it - ESSENTIAL OILS. 

I love to make whipped cream because it makes me feel like a magician. It makes me feel like I can actually effortlessly whip something up like Betty Crocker. Someone hand me an apron and a time machine- I'm gonna party like it's 1954!  

Now, the key to any baking adventure is keeping everything COLD. cold cold cold. You don't want too much handling, especially from your hands, as this will heat up anything you're trying to bake. So, with this in mind... BEFORE you start making your whipped cream, it's a good idea to put your bowl and mixing utensils in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Seriously, it makes all the difference, as your cream won't melt as it's being whipped. 
I use an electric hand mixer, and it only takes 5 minutes.. and let's be honest, who doesn't have 5 minutes to magically whip up some creamy goodness? 
1 CUP.. or 1/2 PINT heavy whipping cream. Don't try to use half and half. Don't be silly! 
2 TEASPOONS sugar 
Whip your cream until it forms stiff peaks. Then mix in your essential oils. Don't get flavor crazy - only 1 to 2 drops is PLENTY! 
Now get creative with the flavors, and watch your guests go wild wondering how on earth your whipped cream is so flavorful and wonderful! Just reply: "Little drops of heaven"
Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone, 
DIY Recipe

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