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DIY Essential Oil Sleep Therapy

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Essential Oils for Sleeping

As a child, I hated nap time, I hated bed time and everything that had to do with it. Unless of course it was Christmas Eve and I knew Santa wouldn't be visiting unless I was asleep. Still, as a child, I never wanted to sleep for fear of missing out on the world. I always felt like something was going to happen while I was sleeping, and it'd be a shame if I missed it. That feeling sure faded quickly as now that I've grown older sleep is no longer a dreaded chore, but rather an event I can't wait to attend - a magical state where the world melts away and I can find relief from the daily grind.

But, now.. as I long for sleep so much - I often find myself staring at the ceiling, watching my fan whirl around, attempting to keep my eyes focused on one single blade - the flashing red light of my smoke detector in my peripheral as Michael Jackson's "Thriller" plays on repeat in my mind - Frustrated, I quickly reposition to my side and close my eyes, and there it is - A big bold calendar with the list of all the things I need to do this week. My "to-do" list rambling through my mind at full speed, the stress leaving me restless.  Then the counting begins. I envision the sheep dancing over the clouds. 1....2....3....4..... It never works. I turn on some "sleep therapy music". The calming sounds of waves crashing onto the shore - seagulls flying in the breeze. I look at the clock - "okay if I fall asleep now, I'll get six hours of sleep" TIC TOC TIC TOC, "Okay, now... I'll get 4 hours." The cycle never ends.

I'll admit it - As a last resort I'm guilty of taking a few sleeping pills. But, I avoid it at all costs - for many reasons. Until one day, I expressed my frustrating insomnia with my boss and true to her motherly ways- she had the perfect natural home remedy. 

Although as of now, we have yet to name this LIFESAFER - so I'll just refer to this as -

"Momma Caroline's Essential Oil Sleep Therapy"

Rush over to your nearest health foods store and grab the following:
1. An empty glass roller bottle
2. Therapeutic grade essential oils - Cedarwood, Lavender, Vetiver
3. A REALLY loud alarm clock - you'll need it to wake up from this deep sleep ;)

Drop equal parts of each essential oil into the roller bottle and rub onto your big-toe before bed.
You may be asking "why the big-toe" ?? Well, as we studied vita-flex points we learned that when essential oils are applied with pressure to the reflex points, electrical impulses are released. These impulses carry the essential oils up the nerve pathway and into specific areas of the body. This in turn releases energy to support the systems of the body. It also releases relaxes and calms.

Do you have any lifesaving vita-flex point essential oil recipes? Comment below and let us know!


Until next time! Sleep well my friends!


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