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Wow! There Really is an Essential Oil for THAT!

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Although we LOVE diffusing our essential oils through our beautiful jewelry for therapeutic benefits, if you're an oil lover - you know that there are MANY different uses for essential oils. If you're new to essential oils, you're probably wondering what everyone means when they say "There's an oil for that!"

But, truly.. We are yet to find a problem that can't be fixed, or at least relieved by Essential Oils. Please remember, that the information provided in this blog is meant for informational purposes only as is not to be considered medical advice. Please consult with a qualified medical professional prior to the use of essential oils.

1. Air Filters
When you change your air filters, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the filter to kill microbes and make your home smell great!


2. Freshen Breathe
Change up your morning routine by adding a couple drops of peppermint oil underneath your tongue for fresh breathe!


3. Runny Nose?
Add a drop of lemon essential oil to the side of a runny nose for a little relief. Remember that citrus oils are photosensitive so limit exposure to the sun for the next 24-78 hours after application.


4. Vacuuming
Soak a cotton ball in your favorite essential oil and add to your vacuum cleaner bag. It'll add a fresh scent to your carpets! Our favorites are peppermint and pine. If you're battling pet odors add Geranium.


5. Trash Can Odor
Soak a cotton ball in your favorite essential oil and add it to the bottom of your trash can to combat stinky trash odor!


6. Mattress Freshener
Take a mason jar and fill it with baking soda. Add your favorite essential oil and sprinkle onto your mattress to freshen it up! We like to add lavender and chamomile to make bedtime more relaxing.


7. Menstrual Cramp Relief
Mix Clary Sage, Basil, and Rosemary with coconut oil and rub onto your abdomen. Use a warm compress for 15 minutes for relief.


8. Shower Curtain Scum Remover
Use a 16oz spray bottle and add 4 drops Eucalyptus and 4 drops of Tea Tree oil with warm water and spray onto shower curtain to eliminate scum.


9. Burnt Pans?
Mix lemon essential oil with boiling water and allow pans to soak. Give a little scrub for newer looking pans!


10. Cold Sore Reliever
Dilute a few drops of Tea Tree oil with coconut oil and apply directly to affected area.




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