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How to Diffuse Essential Oils Safely

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how to use essential oils on children

Modern day kids are growing up exposed to more natural remedies, especially essential oils. Everywhere you turn, you read or hear something new about essential oils and their powers. But as a parent, how do you differentiate between fact and fiction? You have this person here saying everything is safe for kids. Then this person over there says nothing is safe for kids. Let me reassure you that there is no reason to fear using essential oils with your children. The key is to receive your guidance from industry experts who have recognized formal education from non-company based training.
As a certified clinical aromatherapist, I’m here to give the Aroma Couture™ readers the real deal. Today, let’s talk diffusing. Diffusing relies on inhalation of essential oils for its effectiveness. Inhalation is the preferred and most effective method of aromatherapy. Inhalation is indicated in emotional and behavioral concerns, respiratory issues, sleep issues, lethargy, environmental ambiance, and for immune support. Inhalation can be utilized through methods such as an ultrasonic diffuser or diffusing jewelry when on the go.
Let’s review the guidelines for diffusing with children:
  • The use of essential oils with children should have an intended purpose. Essential oils are potent, powerful and are like medicine. They need to be treated with respect. Always seek educated guidance before using with your children.
  • There are certain essential oils that are contraindicated for children. This is dependent on factors such as age and method of application. It is imperative to understand that this applies to ALL brands of essential oils, even when the essential oil is high-quality, pure, and labeled for therapeutic use.
  • It has to do with the chemical components of the essential oil, not the quality of the essential oil.                                               
Gentle diffusion can begin when a baby is six months old. The general rule of thumb is that the younger the child, the higher the risk. As we discussed earlier, essential oils are strong and can be overwhelming to young children. So start SLOW when introducing children to essential oils. If they seem bothered by the aroma or have any adverse effects, please discontinue use.
To use an ultrasonic diffuser (room diffuser with water), first fill of the reservoir basin with water. Add a few drops of essential oil. Run it for 15-20 minutes. Then turn it off. Do not run it again for at least an hour. Continuous diffusion is not recommended nor as effective. Using a room diffuser is useful when the household is exposed to illness, to induce relaxation, or to invoke feelings of happiness during the dreaded “witching hour”.
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 Diffusing jewelry is an excellent way for children to reap the benefits while on the go. When applying essential oils to diffusing bracelets, use a Q-Tip to apply a small amount to the lava bead(s) and rub in. The lava beads will quickly absorb the essential oil, therefore eliminating the risk of using it neat on the child’s skin. Then you can put it on your child’s wrist. When using diffuser necklaces, just one drop of essential oil is needed on the disc. The child can move the necklace to their nose for a deep inhale when needed. Using diffuser jewelry is optimal when a child is nervous to help them feel grounded and less anxious.
Children are very receptive to essential oils. They have an intuitive sense of what works for them. When my children need them, they help me pick out which ones they feel drawn to and help me create their “potion”. Just be sure that essential oils are always out of the reach of children when being stored. Have your children get involved in the process so they can feel empowered about their health. Let them pick out a diffuser for their room or jewelry to wear. Use essential oils as a learning tool to teach them more about plants and how they support human health. Aromatherapy is a beautiful modality to share together.
Try These Fun Diffuser Blend Recipes:
Sweet Dreams
1 drop Lavender (
Lavandula angustifolia)
1 drop Roman Chamomile ( Anthemis nobilis) 2 drops Sweet Orange ( Citrus sinensis)
Feeling Crummy
1 drop Thyme ct. Linalool (
Thymus vulgaris linalool) 2 drops Cedarwood ( Cedrus atlantica)
2 drops Lemon ( Citrus limon )
Need to Focus
1 drop Frankincense (
Boswellia carterii ) 3 drops Lemon ( Citrus limon)
1 drop Vetiver ( Vetiveria zizanioides)

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Amy Emnett is certified clinical aromatherapist, certified holistic health professional, and certified life coach. She is the owner of Blossoms+Blends Aromatherapy, located in St. Louis,Missouri, where she resides with her husband and three small children. She holds certifications/advanced training in clinical aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, flower essences,Reiki, acupressure, nutrition, and life coaching. She is a director for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and writes for professional journals and magazines. She is a passionate educator who empowers others through engaging classes and workshops. She offers many holistic services, including custom blending, to those seeking optimal health and wellness. You can visit her at: www.blossomsandblends.com 

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