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Why We Use Bamboo Fabric For Diffuser Jewelry

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Diffuse Your Essential Oils Safely Through Organic Bamboo Fabric

Here at Aroma Couture we are always looking for ways to provide you with only the highest quality materials for you and your family. We strive to find ways to diffuse safely and effectively while not disturbing the environment. We hate to say it but there are many companies out there skipping the health and going for the cheaper option of selling (or giving away) MYSTERY FABRIC aka colored felt pads.... maybe? We're not quite sure. But what we are sure of is that using that type of chemical covered fabric to add aromatherapy on is just plain not good for you. Essential oils bring out any toxins in the mystery fabric and you end up inhaling those toxins all while trying to be "healthy" with essential oils.
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Because we knew this truth and wanted to stay true to our values by doing the right thing, when we opened our company in 2014- we sourced 100% organic, non-GMO cotton, which brought us great joy as it proved to be healthy and effective for the diffuser jewelry. But now, we are pleased to share our eco-friendly bamboo fabric which is 100% organic, non-GMO, anti-bacterial, extremely eco-friendly AND MORE! 

When I first heard of bamboo fabric, my initial thought was a tough, hard, green textile - similar to cork. But, I was wrong - And pleasantly surprised! The bamboo fabric was a soft, vivid white fabric - almost like cashmere, yet stronger and more durable than cotton.

Once we got this high quality product in our hands we couldn't wait to test it out.  We placed a few drops of essential oil on our previous cotton fabric, and a few drops on our new bamboo fabric, and the waiting game began - after a few days the two were neck and neck, providing a beautiful, long lasting aroma of essential oil. But, after a week it became apparent that the bamboo fabric had prevailed. Our oil was still diffusing just as strong as Day 1, we jumped for joy.

Luckily, we found a supplier that is CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY Oeko-Tex. Certified by The Organic Crop Improvement Association - the strictest standard in organic fabrics. (meaning it has been tested and found to be absolutely free of chemicals or bleaching at any point of the fabric-making process) SUCCESS!


  • It is antibacterial - naturally! Bamboo carries a natural and unique agent called “bamboo kun” which is a shield against pathogens. Research shows organic bamboo fabric to have a 99.8% antibacterial kill rate.
  • It is always hypoallergenic - naturally! No need for harsh chemicals of any sort.
  • It is biodegradable - it can be composted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. It causes NO POLLUTION TO THE ENVIRONMENT.
  • It never requires harsh pesticides and fertilizers in order to grow strong.
  • It is drought tolerant - unlike other plants, bamboo does not need massive amounts of water to stay strong. This assists with water preservation.
  • It helps slow down deforestation - Bamboo has amazing growth properties- (they are the FASTEST growing wooded plants in the WORLD) allowing growth of 3+ feet in one day alone. Once bamboo is harvested, it begins to grow again immediately. It is a highly renewable resource.
  • Because of it's fast growth properties it helps preserve soil - Unlike cotton, which must be replanted yearly, bamboo has an extensive root system, which means it never has to be up-rooted - preventing soil erosion.
  • Its washable - Say goodbye to throwing out your old diffuser pads. With bamboo you can hand wash and allow to dry naturally!
  • It's more absorbent - bamboo in the wild can contain up to 3 times its weight in water! This property carries on to it in fabric form. Diffuse in style even LONGER now!
  • AND IT's CRUELTY FREE. No Animals needed to diffuse!

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Oeko Tex Bamboo

We will continue to strive to be a company based around TRUE health. And because of that, we stand by our values and morals within this company. We will continue bringing in new ways to diffuse that are up to our highest standards.

Until next time! 


The Aroma Couture Team

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