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Why We Went Vegan

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aroma couture vegan hemp diffuser bracelet

At Aroma Couture™, we want to go beyond bringing you beautiful high quality jewelry with outstanding customer service. While these things are at the forefront of our priorities, they aren't the only things that are important to us.

Here's the deal. Leather is cool and all. It looks cool, it smells amazing, and yes it's a way people diffuse their oils. We see many of our competitors using it left and right. And honestly, that's not what we want to do here.

But at the end of the day -- one thing is certain. One thing nobody can deny, it's an animal. Using oils are supposed to be about HEALTH and we believe health starts with using the RIGHT diffusing method.

Let's talk about that.

When we first began our company, we used leather products as to keep up with our competition. In a highly competitive market, it seemed like the logical thing to do. Give the consumers want they want, right? But as we've grown as people, and grown as a business, a deep conviction fell on our hearts that we couldn't possibly advertise that our jewelry makes you FEEL GOOD, knowing you're wearing something that begun with animal cruelty. It just isn't what we stand for, especially with so many vegetarians/vegans on our team. We started to slowly decrease the amount of leather we sold (as I'm sure you noticed) until it diminished completely. We reached out to PETA and applied to be approved as a 'vegan' company, as we felt it is our responsibility, our duty, to not make an animal suffer for the sake of fashion when it is not completely necessary.

"There is nothing “natural” about clothing made from animals’ skin or fur. In addition to causing the suffering and deaths of millions of animals each year, the production of wool, fur, and leather contributes to climate change, land devastation, pollution, and water contamination." -PETA

So, with that, the search began for textiles that would give our consumers the same 'look' they desired that leather does. You know... the rugged, yet still cute piece of art wrapped around your arm.

There's no doubt it's adorable.. but do we really have to wrap an animal's SKIN around our arms and call it 'cute'? I mean, really?

That's when we found ORGANIC HEMP! We bought a sample, started messing around with it with our design team, and crossed our fingers that it would diffuse the oils in a beautiful way. And can I get an AMEN?! The hemp actually diffuses the oils 10x better than leather ever did! We were SO EXCITED!

We are the FIRST to use hemp as a diffusing method and now we have an entire line of it!.

If you want to read more about how the production of leather not only harms animals, but also the environment and the people who live in it, you can do so here: http://www.peta.org/…/wool-fur-leather-hazardous-environme…/

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And thank you for your continued love and support.

We want everyone to know, that we're not asking you to become a vegetarian if that isn't where you stand. We don't think you should throw away any leather items you own. We don't think that the slightest bit. And we are not going to judge you if you eat a big juicy steak for dinner tonight. It's just, for us, as a COMPANY, trying to sell beautiful organic jewelry that's safe for the wearer and safe for the environment.. we just felt this is the RIGHT thing to do! Please comment if you have any questions or concerns.



  • HEMP CORD IS MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT so feel free to wear in water.
  • Hemp is a Biodegradable, Natural Fiber of the Earth.
  • Unlike Cotton the Hemp Crop requires much less water to grow & is grown without the use of Pesticides or Herbicides, so it's not only skin friendly, it's also an environmentally friendly fiber that you can feel good about wearing!

Changing the world, once piece of jewelry at a time.

Aroma Couture Essential Oil Jewelry Vegan Hemp Diffuser Bracelet
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