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Light bulb icon aroma coutureHOW IT ALL BEGAN 

In March of 2014, health & fitness expert, Caroline Perez fell in love with nature's medicine: essential oils. She began using her oils as a replacement for all of the harmful chemicals in her life: cleaning, beauty, medicine, and beyond. But there was something missing: The ability to enjoy aromatherapy everywhere she went. That's when in a little dining room in a small suburb of Dallas, Texas Caroline started handcrafting beautiful jewelry to hold her essential oils.

Aroma Couture Owner Caroline Perez

It started as HOBBY, transformed into a BUSINESS, then blossomed into a PURPOSE.


With friends and family in awe of her creations, she realized she was on to something. Caroline's goal- was to ditch the ordinary lifestyle where she would be without her daughter for 8 hours a day at a 9-5 job. Through many trials-she began a mission. A mission to sustain herself financially while still being able to fulfill her duties as a single mother. And that's when Aroma Couture™ was born. Before she knew it, she knew she was meant to stop pursuing her fitness career (even though she was in love with it) and focus solely on her new passion, creating high quality, functional aromatherapy jewelry to people across the world with the same love for God's natural medicine, essential oils - to every corner of the globe.

aroma couture core values

Globe icon aroma coutureTHE AROMA COUTURE CULTURE 

Aroma Couture Team of Friends

 It's who we are. It's who you are. Strong, health-conscious self-sustaining women who are able to fulfill the role that God intended for us. To be amazing wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.. but not to neglect our own needs and desires in order to be the best women possible. Our company seeks to provide this to anyone who wants to come on board. Through our jewelry makers, who are able to create their own flexible hours to be there for their kids, to our Ambassadors who can earn a supplemental income from the comfort of their own homes.

diamond icon aroma coutureQUALITY

This is serious business here. All of our products are made with 100% 316L Surgical Grade STAINLESS STEEL. Meaning they are hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Extremely durable, our jewelry is designed to last you a lifetime. Sure, you may find a diffuser necklace elsewhere for pennies, but it may cause your skin to turn green or break after a few wears. We are creators, and we take pride in our creations. Only offering the best of the best. Not only are our metals top-of-the-line, our bamboo fabric is as well. Do you know what you're putting your highly potent oils on for you and your family to inhale? Is it a fabric filled with chemicals? With Aroma Couture™ you can breathe easy knowing our bamboo fabric is certified 100% organic, and is actually beneficial to our environment unlike other fabrics like cotton and leather. It is bio-degradable, anti-bacterial, and hand-washable. To learn about how using bamboo fabric assists our eco-system click here. We also are proud to say we have gone completely VEGAN. Sure we could sell 1000's of leather products but after consideration and really staying true to our brand, we've decided to say BYE BYE to animal cruelty. It's not who we stand for- which is true health and wellness so we've ditched the leather! 

vegan diffuser essential oil jewelry

heart icon  LOVE 

Every. Single. Piece of jewelry that comes out of our offices is handcrafted by a member of our team with love. We believe that pieces should be made to order, that every single necklace, bracelet, or accessory should be made for a purpose; because it already has a home. We don't believe in pre-making hundreds of necklaces for them to sit on a shelf and wait to be purchased. So, when you order something from our site, know that it is being made especially for you. With love and good vibes filling the room. We believe that energy will translate to your life as you wear your beautiful jewelry. 

cloud icon aroma couture BUILDING OUR DREAM 

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You're the reason all of this is possible. The reason why we are able to spend quality time with our families, and help women all over the globe achieve the same.
Thank you. Thank you.

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