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Aromatherapy is Our Weapon with Music is Our Weapon 

Aroma Couture Jewelry and Music is Our Weapon have joined together to create Aromatherapy is Our Weapon. We are impacting lives using Aroma Couture Jewelry, essential oils, and room diffusers to help relax people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other forms of cognitive disorders. We will be partnering together to bring music and aromatherapy to various care facilities across the U.S. 
A study on the use of scent was published in The Journal of Quality Research in Dementia by Professor Elaine Perry (FmedSci), Professor of Neurochemical Pathology, Institute for Aging and Health, Newcastle General Hospital, Westgate Road, Newcastle, United Kingdom. It stated: “Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants, either applied in a lotion and absorbed by the skin or inhaled and absorbed into the lungs and nasal passages, to improve physical and mental health. Aromatic oils from plants have been used for over 5,000 years: ancient Egyptians used them as perfumes and there are many references in the Bible to their use in mental and physical healing. Modern aromatherapy, which began in Germany during the 16th century, was also used successfully to treat wounded soldiers in the two World Wars.

Music is our weapon

What is Music is Our Weapon?

Music Is Our Weapon mobilizes the latest technology needed to provide sentimental music in care environments. The goal is to provide a carefully curated collection of music that touches an individuals heart and past. Personalized playlists are utilized to enhance the cognitive development and emotional care in these care environments.

We activate our willing volunteers through Music Discovery Outings. These outings give volunteers a chance to engage 1-on-1 with a resident. Both parties listen to the same music in hopes of finding the music that instigates a positive, emotional reaction.










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    Every purchase has a purpose.

    Proceeds from every purchase on Aroma Couture's website help supply the selected centers with the necessary jewelry, essential oils and room diffusers to accentuate the participant's daily lives. If you would like to learn more about Music is Our Weapon, you can find them online at musicisourweapon.org. Or if you would like to sign up to donate your time you can apply to be a volunteer here.