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Mindful May Challenge

mindful may challenge

During times of crisis, it can be easy to give up on our goals and let go of the things that really matter because we are living in uncertain times. We make excuses, emotionally eat and drink, sit on the couch and binge watch shows that are mindless, the list could go on. Can you relate? I know I can. I have been stressed to the max not only because of the Covid-19 but also because a very close family member tried to take their life and it was A LOT to deal with. I spent a few weeks processing what my current life was like by feeling sorry for myself, over analyzing what was next, living in fear, eating like crap, not moving and doing absolutely nothing for my spirit. Sounds fun huh? It definitely wasn't. So more than ever I am hosting this challenge because I NEED IT. I hope you'll join me.

My name is Caroline Perez, Founder of Aroma Couture & Company and I have a passion to help people find their best life. I didn't get here the easy way. I took a lot of the wrong routes in life only to lead me to this divine place, now to help you find your way too. As a non-stop single parent, multiple business owner, now a homeschool teacher (help me LORD), self-care taker etc.... sometimes the last thing I want to do is make a positive choice. Typically I'd rather eat mac n' cheese at midnight while I finish my 3rd glass of cabernet. Just being honest! But I know just as you do that will never take me to the next stage of life. Why? Because growth is hard. It takes discipline, a strong will and the ability to choose the hard way over comfort.

But in the end, we either live with the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Which will you choose?

The goal of this challenge is to focus on the topics THAT MATTER. To build momentum to take you to the next level. To help you become more MINDFUL instead of more MIND FULLIt is designed to help you become a better person and is a challenge that you can continue the rest of your life if you want. There is not doubt about being strong in your mind, body AND soul is key. We are focusing on all 3.

We will be taking this challenge on together as a group but I highly suggest finding an accountability partner for the entire journey. Having someone you can work together with to reach your goals definitely helps the entire process. Ask around and see if you can get someone or even a small group to join you, we all need this right now. If you need to be connected to someone, we can help with that. Don't let being solo keep you from doing this challenge! You are never alone. 

Grab a buddy, give yourself 30 days and see just what could happen.  

keep going
  • Learn how to build a vision board and actually do it. (Many of you have been saying you want to do one).
  • Learn why & how to practice visualization.
  • Learn about the Law of Attraction and how it REALLY works.
  • Learn how to eat cleaner and how supplements work.
  • Learn home and outdoor workouts. Hopefully gym workouts too, if the gyms open. But if not, then you better learn how to workout wherever you can :) 
  • Learn why & how to practice a daily meditation. Or just meditate more.
  • Learn how to pray. Or just pray more.
  • Learn to forgive and forget once and for all!
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and subconscious beliefs holding you back.
  • Learn how to stretch your body.
  • Develop a confidence within yourself by keeping the promises you make to yourself. Following through is key.
  • Make lifelong friends with like minds through our private Facebook group.
  • Plus receive a FREE Aroma Couture Diffuser Necklace just for signing up! (shipping applies)
  • Over $1000.00 in giveaways from companies like Hugger Mugger, The I Am Journal, Mother E Essential Oils, Snct Organic Perfume, Budda Butter Skin Care, Impāck Organics Skin Care, 1st Phorm Nutrition, The Emily Frisella Cookbook, Movéo Home Fitness Equipment, Bare Candle Company, The MFCEO Powerlist , Cafe Racer Coffee and more! PLUS receive a FREE Aroma Couture Diffuser Necklace for joining (shipping applies).
rules for may challenge

We are asking that you follow these rules for May. They are set in place to challenge you and help you keep the promises you make to yourself. It's 30 days, come on you can do it! (and yes it will be hard, but worth it)

  1. Spend the first 20 min of your day meditating/praying & journaling. We will be using 'The I Am Journal' 
  2. Follow a healthy diet, no processed, artificial or fried foods.
  3. No alcohol. Focus on 80 ounces of water a day. 
  4. Read 10 pages a day in a personal development book.
  5. Exercise every day OUTSIDE if possible except one day a week (Sundays will be our day of rest)
Check out the I AM Journal we will be using everyday below. You can grab yours when you sign up! Also I will be adding on other features for the challenge like personalized workouts, weekly check in calls, essential oils, supplements and more! 

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