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"I have now gotten a few necklaces and a pair of earrings and very much look forward to receiving my aroma ring when it's ready to be shipped. I just wanted to say I'm so in love with everything I have gotten. Each piece is amazing and so well made. I wear them every day and always get compliments on them. Thank you! You have a customer for life!
Hurry up aroma ring I can't wait to wear it ?"
-Shelley Nieves
"I wanted to write you back and express how absolutely pleased I am. I found your site via Facebook, and took advantage of the freebie just pay shipping offer. I have bought many many products online and it has been a hit or miss game. Honestly I send back or return about half of the items because the are misrepresented or sized indifferently. I received the aroma necklaces (I got three) while recovering from invasive surgery. I just about cried, oh who am I kidding , I did. I am a wellness advocate for an essential oil company and have met A TON of people who create jewelry for oils. The first issue I usually have is quality. Second is cost. Third is awful customer service and support. 
I am in awe of my necklace and the other 2 are going to be Mother's Day gifts. These aromatic necklaces are GORGEOUS in person. I have worn my every single day since I've been of bed rest. Furthermore, you send them with plenty of refill pads(no one else does FYI) and the packaging, information and welcome postcard sealed the deal. Then I got on the site to see more pricing, thinking ok I bought something and now BAM! Higher prices... Nope, you have the best prices I've seen even locally at markets and crafting events.  
Please forgive my long and crazy lady email. I have worked in sales and retail, some food service for over 18 years prior to my current job. I know it does good to get good feedback. I also wanted to ask your permission to add a link on my business page to your site and request a few catalogs to show at my events. It's always best when I can show people avenues of retaining products to use in conjunction with essential oils. Either way I appreciate your time in reading my email. Thank you again for the wonderful promotion and great product. This lady is a happy customer."
-Trina Cherry



"It is with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart that I thank you for getting my order to me SO QUICKLY!!  My son Trevor was thrilled beyond words that the bracelet arrived TODAY!!  Two whole days before he is giving it to his girlfriend.
Each time I order from you, I know that I am getting quality, unique jewelry that is crafted by the hand and heart.  I cannot tell you how many people your jewelry has blessed and helped in my life! 
Thank you as always for the amazing job that you do!  Thank you for sharing your gift & talents with us!"

Karen and Trevor Totten


"I can't even begin to tell you what a HUGE success your necklaces were this Christmas. My goddess girlfriends absolutely loved them and couldn't stop raving about them. We immediately busted out all my essential oils and created our own conconctions. So, thank you SO much for the beautiful work that you do. Here is a picture of the three of us in our necklaces, drinking wine with our "Group Therapy" Tshirts on! I have received many compliments on my necklace from friends and co-workers, so I will be ordering some more gifts very soon..." Pernilla W.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Here is living proof that your talents spread joy among us!  Both Grace and her mom were amazed at the bracelet and touched by your necklace! I thank you for being so fabulous and making a young woman's birthday very special!! Make it a great day!"

-Karen T

"I won this diffuser by stalking you at convention! LOL thank you so much!!! I keep peppermint and wild orange on mine for an energizing and uplifting day!" - Jody S

"Live Laugh Love my diffuser jewlery! ! My hubby and kids have diffuser necklaces too! We love using citrus oils in them! We are in Florida." -Rachael B.

"This is my 4yo, diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD. We use Geranium mostly to help with her anger and frustration. She loves her necklace and her daily oils."- Ann T.

"I had a total hysterectomy on September 25, exactly one week after my 39th birthday. I wore my FS pendant the whole time I was there, with Thieves oil to help boost my immunity. I think every nurse, doctor, tech, and therapist who saw me complimented me on my pendant. I LOVE Fashion Scents!" -Brandy W.



"I use Serenity or Citrus Bliss in my necklace, depending on what mood I NEED to achieve. I have other diffusing jewelry, but this is my go-to piece everyday, because it is so beautiful and goes with everything I wear."-Ann T.


"I seriously don't go a day out of the house without one of my four diffuser necklaces! I love being able to not only smell good but increase the moods around me. I have friends that'll come sit with me now when our kids are acting a mess and say "I need some joy!" I seem to always have joy and lemon on my disc!" -Morgan T.


"This is my 8yo, diagnosed with SPD. We use Balance in her necklace to help her with peace, calming, and focus while at school. This week she actually said being able to smell the oil everyday whenever she needs it has really helped her at school." -Ann T.




"I put Wild Orange in mine everyday to keep me uplifted and calm as I teach my Kindergarten students!"

-Tierra D.




"Love my "rosary" for dressing up a bit. I put Lavender in it to help keep my kids calm near me during a wedding!" -Renée H.