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Gemstone Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
$ 34.00

Blue Lace Agate & Druzy Lava Diffuser Bracelet

Gemstone Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Blue Lace Agate. You will find baby blue hues with white stripes all throughout. Not to mention the warm and comforting energy it gives off. The druzy center stone sparkles throughout the day on your wrist while the lave stones soak up the essential oil on your diffuser bracelet.  Lava beads promote strength & fertility - driving away anger, and assisting one in the understanding of a problem while strengthening our connection to Mother Earth.  Designed & Handcrafted in Texas by Aroma Couture™
Agate gemstone meaning aroma couture
  • Diffusing Method: Lava Stone
  • Bracelet Stone: 8mm Genuine Faceted Blue Lace Agate
  • Size Options: Small 6.5" or M/L 7.5"
  • Stretch: Moderate
  • Other Features: Oval Silver Druzy Stone; Stainless Steel Spacers; Hypoallergenic; Tarnish Resistant 
  1. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the porous lava rock on the bracelet.
  2. The aromatherapy will stay on the stones for the day.
  3. You may add more aromatherapy anytime you want for topical and aromatic benefits. 

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